Everything you need to know about skunk odor.

If you, your pet, or someone you know has just been sprayed by a skunk the chances are that you are panicking right now and don’t know what to do.  Unfortunately panicking can cause you to make mistakes causing the skunk smell odor to spread and last longer.  This article will go over some of the top things to do to help aid your skunk smell removal efforts making the odor easier to remove.

The Golden Rule – The golden rule for skunk smell removal is not to go inside your house.  Of course, if you are a person you will eventually need to return to the house, but if you immediately run into someone’s house then you can immediately tack on another several hours to the cleaning process because you will now need to remove the skunk smell from yourself and then again from the inside of the house.

The Silver Rule – The silver rule is not to think water will remove or wash away the skunk odor. Using water will actually make the removal process more difficult to do because skunk musk is an oil, so water will simply spread and smear the oil to other parts of your body.

The Bronze Rule – Don’t follow people’s advice on the internet regarding skunk smell removal.  The chances are that they do not know what they are talking about.  For instance, people say to use tomato juice and tomato paste to remove skunk odor.  Unfortunately that is one of the biggest myths that will never go away.  Tomato juice doesn’t work and neither does 90% of the information the average John Doe posts on the internet.  If you’re serious about removing skunk smell, then it’s recommended you do some serious research or purchase a proved home remedy recipe.

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