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How to Remove Skunk Smell
from Inside Your House

It's not too difficult to somehow get skunk smell inside your home. Below are the most common ways people accidentally get skunk smell indoors:

  • A person gets sprayed by a skunk and comes inside
  • A pet gets sprayed by a skunk and is brought in the house
  • A skunk makes a home in your basement, beneath your porch, in your crawl-space

Regardless of how the skunk odor got inside your home, you're going to have to get rid of it. This page will help guide to to what to do to eliminate the skunk smell from your home.

Remove Items with Direct Skunk Contact

You will need to take anything inside your house that has come in contact with skunk spray and set it outside (not it your garage, but literally outside away from your home). This is also a good opportunity to determine how much you want these particular items, because if you were on the verge of replacing it, it would be best to just toss the item and get a new one.

Below is a list of the most common indoor items that get skunk smell on them:

  • All clothes being worn by a person that was sprayed by a skunk and all clothes worn by people helping clean the skunk spray. This includes shoes, hats, and underwear. If you threw those clothes into a dirty laundry basket, all the clothes and the basket will need to go outside too.
  • Any blankets and towels used to clean or cover the person/pet sprayed by a skunk.
  • Any furniture the person or pet sprayed by a skunk has either sat on, rubbed against, or touched while the skunk spray was still on them.
  • Any rugs or mats a person or pet sprayed by a skunk has walked on/rubbed against. If the person sprayed by a skunk put on a different pair of shoes or covered their feet before walking inside, then you do not need to remove any rugs or mats unless they touched them with their body.

Preventing the Skunk Smell from Spreading

After you've taken the previous steps to ready your house, it's time to begin the cleaning process to remove the skunk smell from your home. Because each person's house and issue is different, we've listed different cleaning methods below so you can find the skunk cleaning solution that you feel is best for your situation:

Turn Off Your Heating and Cooling Units - If you have air vents in your floors/ceilings/walls you will need to turn off all your central heat and air unit(s). This will prevent the skunk smell from spreading throughout your home via the air vents.

Replace Your Air Filters - After you turn off your heating and cooling units you will need to replace all your air filters. This is so when you turn your air units back on, they don't spread any odor that is caught in the old filters.

Shut Off Parts of Your House - You will need to go to each room in your house and determine which rooms smell like skunk. If you feel many rooms have a slight skunk odor in your home, then shut the doors to any rooms that you feel don't smell like skunk to protect them from the skunk odor. On the other hand, if only one or two rooms smell like skunk, then closing those rooms off can protect the rest of your home from the skunk odor.

Open Windows - On thing that breaks down skunk odor quickly is fresh air. By opening windows in all the areas of your home that smell like skunk, you will not only help get rid of some of the odor through the window, but you will also start to break down odors within the room as well.

Removing the Skunk Smell from Your Home

Removing skunk odor from your home can be a fairly difficult process unless it's done correctly. Skunk smell can easily travel to new rooms and get settled into furniture which makes it tricky to get rid of. Regardless of your situation, the following solutions are the most common that peole use:

Use Air Fresheners and Wait for the Odor to Go Away

Some people try to use air fresheners to hide the odor and then just wait for the smell to go away. The problem with this is that it can take up to a month for the skunk smell to go away within your home naturally. Plus, after a few days of being in the skunk smell, your body will get used to the odor and will stop smelling it. However, if this happens your visitors will be able to smell both the air fresheners and the skunk odor.

Use a Professional Cleaner to Remove the Odor

This may sound like a good idea initially, but can end up being a mistake. Professional cleaners are usually only trained for stain removal and deep-cleaning and may not be specifically trained to deal with skunk odor. Many cleaners will use water as a base for all their cleaning solutions, but skunk spray is an oil based substance that smears and spreads when it comes in contact with water (how effective would skunk spray be if it washed off in the rain).

Use Home Remedies and Recipes to Eliminate the Skunk Smell

This is probably the option most people will use. Unfortunately it comes with it's drawbacks as well. Most people only deal with skunk odor once or twice in their life, and will tell everyone about it. Regrettably these people will often inaccurately share the recipe with others who need help. While most skunk odor recipes are similar they are very delicate to make and subtle changes can make the skunk odor solution useless or harmful to use.

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