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Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of some of the questions that we get asked frequently. If you don't see your question here, please feel free to Contact Us.

Will this remove skunk odor that's a couple of days old?
Yes, the formula we use will remove any skunk odor, regardless of how old it is. Keep in mind that the skunk smell can rub off on other object, so it may be in a larger area if it is a couple of days old.

I've read on other websites some solutions to removing skunk smell, why should I pay for yours?
Be careful what you read online. We too have read countless articles, blogs, and forums explaining how to remove skunk odors and we have to say that we were shocked at some of the information people were posting as genuine odor removal formulas. Some of the side effects from the worst of the solutions were permanent bleaching, hair/fur color change, blindness, and severe poisoning if used incorrectly. Also, the methods posted that would work had crucial steps left out of the process making it near impossible to completely remove the skunk smell.

Is it safe to order from your website?
Yes, our checkout system is on a 256 bit secure server. We also don't process any of the orders yourself, instead we pay a reputable bank to process all of the orders for us for extra security. Purchasing from our site is as safe as, if not safer than, purchasing items from a local store.

Do you record any of our personal information when we order?
No, we don't record any of your personal information for later use when you place an order with us. The only information we keep is your order name, email address, and receipt number. For more information, please read our Privacy Policy.

How Long Does it Take to Remove the Skunk Odor
Because many different variables can affect the skunk odor removal process (such as age of ingredients used to create the formula, amount of skunk musk to be removed, difficult areas to be cleaned like hair and fur) we cannot say how long it will take to remove the skunk odor in your specific situation. We can say, however, that based on customer feed back it takes 3-5 minutes to mix the ingredients and 5-10 minutes to make the first application. Depending on the severity of the skunk spray and the surface area it's covering, the odor may be removed with just one application or it may require multiple applications. A majority of the severe skunk cases reported by our customers say that one application makes a major change in odor and after two applications the odor is undetectable unless you are inches away from the source of the odor. So based on this information most skunk spray odor's can be completely removed or severely weakened with one to two applications which on average take 10 minutes per application.

Where Did You Get The Map of People Who Used Your Product?
Even though our product is available only for download and we do not record shipping information, we use your zip code to validate your billing address with purchases. This zip code indicates the sate and city where users have purchased Stop Skunk Smell and we used this data to give estimates of where customers have used the guide.

What Are the Dangers of Contact with A Skunk?
Besides be sprayed with the skunk's defensive musk, skunks can attack, bite, and scratch whenever they feel threatened. Skunks can also carry rabies, which can be spread from the skunk to a person/pet if they are attacked or scratched by a skunk. Skunks with rabies are characterized with unusual behavior such as being out in the open during daylight hours, not running away when scared, falling down or walking with an unusual gait, foaming at the mouth, or being overly aggressive. Or you or a pet has been attacked by a skunk, seek medical attention.

What Are the Dangers of Skunk Spray?
Skunk spray has no long term effects on people or animals, but short term effects can cause moderate to severe discomfort including nausea, vomiting, temporary blindness, difficulty breathing, and burning sensation.

What Are the Dangers of this Skunk Odor Removal Formula?
If used correctly the skunk odor removal formula poses no dangers as it is made with regular household ingredients many people use every day. If used incorrectly, the skunk odor removal formula can cause eye irritation and bleaching.

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