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Dog Sprayed by A Skunk in the Face and You Need to Know What to Do?

Okay, it's worst case scenario. Your dog has met the local skunk and has been sprayed directly in the face. What do you do? This page will give you the information you need to make sure your dog is okay and get the skunk smell off your dog.

What to Expect

Things are most likely going to be a bit chaotic, so knowing what to expect should help make things go more smoothly.

The Smell on Your Dog

Your dog will reek heavily of skunk smell. If you've never smelled skunk before it smells like burning rubber and rotten eggs combined except much stronger and potent than you would expect. The smell will be so strong that it will cause your body to start producing excess saliva, tears, and mucus to protect itself from the odor. In other words, your eyes will begin to water, your nose will start running, and you will have the urge to spit.

Your Dog's Behavior

Your dog will not be acting normal. They have a much stronger sense of smell so the odor will be much stronger to them. Your dog will be trying everything to get the odor off, so he/she will be rubbing themselves against things, rolling on the ground, and probably running around chaotically. Your dog may also have excess drool and/or foam coming from their mouth. This is normal and does not mean that your dog has rabies. Their body is trying to flush the odor off by producing excess saliva which can turn white and foamy. If your dog did have rabies, it would take several days before he/she would begin foaming at the mouth.

What to Do

Now that you know what to expect, it's time for you to know what to do to get this problem solved as quickly as possible.

Leash Your Dog

The first thing you will need to do is to leash your dog. You will need to keep your dog from running around (especially if you live near busy roads). Remember, your dog is focused on getting the skunk odor off, so he/she will not be paying attention to their safety.

Inspect Your Dog for Wounds

Skunks can carry rabies so you will need to look over your dog for any wounds he/she may have gotten from the skunk encounter. Rabies can only be spread via saliva, so the skunk spray itself cannot spread rabies. Look over your dog for bite marks and claw marks. Animals with rabies are highly aggressive and produce excess saliva, so if you find any wounds on your dog that you suspect may have gotten saliva in them from the skunk you should call your vet immediately to get a rabies test for your dog.

Don't Bring Your Dog Inside

Do not make the mistake of bringing your dog inside your house. Your dog is covered in skunk spray and by bringing your dog inside your house you will get the skunk odor all inside your home. It's about ten times easier to clean skunk spray off your dog rather than out of your house, so keep your dog outside.

Getting the Skunk Spray off Your Dog's Face

Getting skunk spray off of your dog's face is a tricky process because you don't want to get any chemicals, soaps, or solutions in your dog's ears, eyes, mouth, or nose. Probably the best thing to do is to put cotton balls in your dog's ears (be careful with this though), put eye drops in your dog's eyes, and use a towel to wrap and cover your dog's nose and mouth.

Use a Pet Groomer or Professional Cleaner to Remove the Odor

This may sound like a good idea initially, but can end up being a mistake. Pet groomers have been known to charge quite a bit for skunk odor removal (they know you are desperate and willing to pay for the service). Plus, transporting your pet to the groomers can lead to the odor getting inside your vehicle.

Most professional cleaning services are not properly trained to deal with skunk odor and will use conventional cleaning methods to get rid of the stench. Unfortunately, water is a major cleaning agent most services use and water can cause the skunk odor to spread.

Use Home Remedies and Recipes to Eliminate the Skunk Smell

This is probably the option most people will use. Unfortunately it comes with it's drawbacks as well. Most people only deal with skunk odor once or twice in their life, and will tell everyone about it. Regrettably these people will often inaccurately share the recipe with others who need help. While most skunk odor recipes are similar they are very delicate to make and subtle changes can make the skunk odor solution useless or harmful to use.

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