Everything you need to know about skunk odor.

So just how close can you get to a skunk before you’re in the “Danger Zone” of being sprayed?  You may be surprised to know just how far a skunk can spray it’s musk, but it’s not really about the distance the skunk can spray but  rather the accuracy it has.

A skunk can spray accurately anywhere from 6-15 feet away.  Notice I said accurately, this means at 15 feet away you’re at risk of the skunk spraying you right in the face!

Keep in mind that the average skunk can spray no more than 5 times over a 10 day period so the skunk is not going to spray you unless it feels it can hit you.  This means that a skunk can probably spray anywhere from 10-25 feet, but since they’re not going to waste their skunk musk to break distance records they will wait until you’re within the 10-15ft range before you get sprayed.

If you do happen to get too close and need a good home remedy that works 100% of the time to remove skunk spray, then checkout this Skunk Smell Removal formula.

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