Everything you need to know about skunk odor.

If a pet or person recently got sprayed by a skunk, it’s not uncommon for the smell to spread inside your house.  Unfortunately skunk smell removal from a house can be difficult to do, but this article should help to prevent the odor from spreading, lingering as long, and from being as strong.  Follow these tips to help make your house skunk smell free.

  1. If anything within your house has come in contact with a skunk, remove it from your house. For example, if your dog has been sprayed by a skunk and you put the rags used to clean him in the trashcan in your garage, take and keep your trashcan outside.
  2. Determine which room smell most like skunk and close off the rooms that don’t smell like skunk from the odor. This will keep the odor from spreading to other rooms.
  3. Turn off your heating and air conditioning until you can eliminate most of the smell. You don’t want the skunk smell to spread via your air ventilation within your home, so until you can get the odor more controlled, turn off your heat and air unit.
  4. Change your air filters in your central heat and air unit. Chances are that if you have run your air unit since skunk smell has entered your house that the air filters have collected some of the odor.  There have been cases of people who have completely removed the skunk smell from their house but didn’t change their air filters and within days their entire house smelled like skunk.
  5. Make sure it doesn’t smell like skunk outside near your air unit. If you removed all the skunk smell from your house and it still smells like skunk outside near your air unit, then the chances are that your air unit will spread the odor from outside your house towards in inside of your house.

These tips should help you to be able to control the skunk smell and will be the first steps you need to take to remove the skunk odor from your house.

Try this Skunk Smell Removal from House recipe to completely eliminate the skunk odor and to wipe it from every room in your home.

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