Everything you need to know about skunk odor.

If your dog just got sprayed in the face by a skunk it’s important you know what to do and what to expect.  The following article will help you out with both.

Expect: Your dog will be trying to rub the skunk odor off on anything.  He will probably be rubbing against every surface he finds.
Do: Don’t let your dog inside your house, he will immediately try to rub the odor off on carpet, furniture, rugs, and anything else he can find.

Expect: Your dog will have excess saliva, mucus, and tears from the odor irritation (remember a dog’s nose is much more sensitive than our own noses).  This can look like he’s foaming at the mouth.
Do: Give your dog some water to drink and try to help by wiping the excess drool from his face.

Expect: Your dog will most likely have a hard time paying attention to you (as you can understand) and he may not make the best decisions.
Do: Understand the situation your dog is in and don’t expect him to calmly listen to your instructions (such as sit, stay, etc.)  You may also want to fasten your dog up on a tie out or a leash to make sure he doesn’t run away or into the street from the confusion (or worse trying to go back and get the skunk).

After you’ve completed the above the next step will be to remove the skunk spray from your dogs face.  Unfortunately this can be tricky to do so we recommend using this Dog Sprayed By Skunk In Face remedy.  It was created by professionals and works 100% of the time and can be done at home with ingredients found in every household.

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