Everything you need to know about skunk odor.

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How Long Does Skunk Smell Take to Go Away

If you or one of your pets has recently been sprayed by a skunk, you are probably wondering how long it will take for the odor to completely disappear. This short post should help give you the information you need to know to get an answer. First off, skunk musk is not like most odors. [...]

Secrets to Not Spreading the Skunk Odor (Video)

Here’s a video I created on not spreading the skunk odor.  Enjoy!

Have A Skunked Dog? Don’t Make These Mistakes

Many people quickly panic when their dog is sprayed by a skunk.  Unfortunately, this is the worst thing you can do because when you panic you make mistakes which cause the skunk odor to spread and get worse.  These tips will help you to avoid making the most common mistakes which add even more difficulty [...]

Did You Just Run Over A Skunk?

If you were casually driving down the road in the country, it’s not uncommon to see a skunk or two that have had previous encounters with cars.  If you are ever as unlucky as those drivers, you will know that if you accidentally run over a skunk, the skunk will spray your car.  So what [...]

Three Things to Aid Skunk Smell Removal

Not doing these three things can make skunk smell a nightmare. Whereas following these three tips will make skunk smell removal a breeze.

Can Skunks Get Into Trashcans?

Are skunks able to get into trashcans. Their small body and light weight says otherwise…

Dog Sprayed By Skunk in Face – What to Do

Was your dog sprayed by a skunk in the face? Follow these instructions to make the next 10 minutes of your life easier and to remove the skunk smell.

Skunk Smell Removal from House – What to Do First

Have skunk smell inside your house? These vital steps can stop the skunk smell instantly and completely remove the odor from within your house.

Skunk Spray Distance – How Far Can A Skunk Spray?

Want to know just how far a skunk can spray? The answer may surprise you because the average skunk can spray at a distance of…